How to Make EPIC MONEY

on the Psychic Hotlines

¬†Hey, Psychic Readers and Metaphysical Entrepreneurs…

Do you want to make an extra few thousand dollars every month?

Do you have…


  • a metaphysical business that isn’t making the numbers to full sustain you yet?


  • a desire to leave your J-O-B but don’t have a consistent stream of income to rely on?


  • need for more money but can only work a limited amount of hours per day?

Wouldn’t it be nice if you had access to four entrepreneurs who could give you the skills to work on the psychic hotlines and consistently make EPIC cash?

Join us for this live event where Heather Woodward (Biz Coach + Divine Wild Woman), ¬†Nathara (Pagan Witch/Tarot Reader + CrowSong Lodge) and Maria “Isoldde” Fernandez (Tarot/Rune Reader + Wandering Witch) will show you everything you need to get started on the psychic hotlines and give away their juiciest secrets on how to start making epic money quickly.