Create Your Own Tarot or Oracle Card Deck Webinar

 Hey, Tarot and Oracle card readers!

Is it your dream to one day create your very own custom Tarot or Oracle card deck?

Do you…


  • have a great idea for a deck and would love to see your vision come to fruition?


  • feel all of the decks you own are either too cold or too hot, and none of them feel just right?


  • read using multiple systems, never feel that you can use your current decks to their fullest potential, and need a deck just as exclusive as you are?

Wouldn’t it be nice if you had access to the right questions to ask designers, a basic introduction to what it takes to create a deck from start to finish, and insider information regarding the nuances and technicalities of creating a deck?

Join us for this live event where Heather Woodward (creator, author, and genius behind the Archetypes of the Divine Wild Woman Oracle card deck) and Christina Quick (graphic design goddess and creative coordinator) will discuss the very first steps and actions needed to consider creating your very own Tarot or Oracle card deck!